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Take Me

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Your wife has had enough. The babysitter was always flirting with you and wearing skimpy outfits. You tried to reassure her that you would never do anything… but deep down all women know how weak men really are. And you know it too. You’d driven the babysitter home several times with a raging erection… jerking off as soon as she got out of the car. You liked the flirting… the skimpy outfits. The attention made you feel like a man and the fantasy of fucking her made your boring sex life tolerable. But when your wife tries to fire her one night, she makes it clear that she’s not going anywhere, and she’s not wearing any panties. Your wife is in the other room reading your little one a story… the babysitter gets on her knees and undoes your belt. Be a man and take what you want.
Xoxo Meana Wolf
Clip Contains: Face it. All men cheat. So why bother holding back? Just fuck her quickly before wifey hears. **Babysitter Fetish. Cheating. Infidelity. Home wrecker. Cream Pie**

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