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This guy was legitimate. He had the idea… and an idea that comes once in a lifetime. A multimillion dollar Idea. All he needed was the right investor. You’d been an angel investor on several projects in the past… but none with this kind of potential. The two of you sweated it out, talking over racketball. All you had to do was get him to Vegas to sign some paperwork. He needed to drop off some things at home and take a quick shower before the two of you took off in your private jet. His daughter Meana is a bit of a surprise. She’s sexy as fuck which was unexpected considering what her dad looked like. He tells her to “behave herself”. You don’t know what that means, but you get the feeling like she’s trouble. Once he’s in the shower she wastes no time pouncing on you. Maybe she doesn’t get enough attention from daddy? All of a sudden her mouth is wrapped around your dick… you’re this close to making the best deal of your life… just don’t get caught. xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: You’re going to make millions off this guy… you do NOT want to get caught with your dick in his daughter’s mouth. **Sneaky Blow Job. Sloppy BJ. Cum Shot. Caught. Older man Younger woman.**

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