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Your son’s girlfriend is cute as hell. You know it’s bad, but sometimes you look at her longer than you should. It’s not really your fault. Ever since she started staying overnight, you keep seeing her in ways that you shouldn’t. Sometimes she walks around in a shirt and panties and it takes every ounce of strength as a man to not bend her over the dinner table and fuck her. But you’d never do that… no matter how precocious she acts… no matter how much she flirts… nope…you are not gonna fuck this 18 year old girl. Because she’s dating your son, and that would be wrong. What kind of dad would you be if you just gave her a foot rub after cheerleading practice? You’d never do that. You’d never stare at her tight little ass while she rubs her feet against your dick. That’s just shameful. And you certainly wouldn’t pull her little panties to the side and stick a finger in her wet little pussy. Fuck no. You’re a man of principle. No matter how much she throws herself at you, you’re going to do the right thing. You are not going to fuck her.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your son’s girlfriend is curious about older guys… but you’d never do anything to hurt your son, right? **Older Man, Younger Woman. Foot fetish. Cum Shot*

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