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Sexual Slavery

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Struggling won’t do you any good, you are my prisoner now and you have trespassed. We don’t like your kind around here. Men are useless and weak, but they do serve a purpose. Amazon’s are pure and unspoiled by man, we can taste the strength of your seed. If your seed is strong, you shall become our slave bull. Day in and day out my Amazon sisters will come and take what’s ours and your seed will sprout many offspring. Over and over you will be commanded to cum into our fertile wombs until your balls wither and your cock falls off. You will watch our bellies swell with your fruit as another cunt slides over your cock, milking you for another ounce of that precious cum. Fill me with your seed. 

Clip Contains: You’ve been caught trespassing by the Amazons, now their queen demands you fill her belly full of your semen. She wants you to breed her, and once she’s done, her amazon sister will come and take you over and over and over again. Men were made to sow their seed, you will breed each and every one. **Amazon. Sexual slavery. Goddess Worship Impregnation Fantasy. Milking. Coercion. Coerced orgasm. Cum in pussy. Cream Pie. Pregnancy Fetish.** **Disclaimer: The costume and body paint depicted in this clip is not meant to portray any specific culture or ethnicity and are my take on what a fictional, mythological “Amazon” Queen might look like.**


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