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#1 Mom

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You tried to stop it. But the truth is…sex with your mom is addictive. You tried to fall in love…get married…but nothing compared to her. You used to bend her over the kitchen sink and fuck her with your dad in the other room. You’d fuck everywhere. You loved how wet she’d get for you and how she’d call you her “Bad Boy”. But when you got married everything stopped. You practically went through withdrawals. You needed her mouth, her pussy. Your wife just doesn’t compare. But your mom isn’t going to just let her steal you away. She’s always finding ways to tease you. She wants to win. She begs for your cock one day while your wife is in the shower and you just can’t take it anymore. You give in to your mom, and when she demands that you stop fucking your wife you make that promise. Your wife’s sex just doesn’t compare. Nobody does it like mommy.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your wife is in the shower. You tell your mom no, but she begs for your cock. You’ve been trying to be good, but you want it too. You miss mommy’s pussy. You slide your bare cock deep inside of her and watch her moan. Then you both promise not to fuck anyone else. **Mother Son Fantasy. Taboo RolePlay. Family Fantasy. MILF. Homewrecker. Cheating.**

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