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Just This Once

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What would you do if your mom snooped on your computer and found your MILF and mommy/son porn? Would you lie? Say it wasn't yours? Blame it on your dad? What would you do if she then dug further and found the forums you've been visiting on reddit? Those dark and forbidden places where young men openly talk about wanting to fuck their moms? Or brag about finally breaking through and actually doing it for real? What if your mother knew that you slowly stroked your cock every night thinking about her warm and wet pussy? What if she knew that you secretly wished that she'd come and fuck you every night after your dad went to bed? What would you do if she crawled into your bed one night while dad was out late working, and told you that she knew everything? What would you do if your mother suggested that you and her should fuck just once, just once to make those unnatural feelings go away? What would you do if your mother told you you she wouldn't be cheating on your dad...because your family? If she reached over and grabbed your cock? What would you do? I think you know.
xoxo Meana Wolf
P.S: You're Welcome.

Clip Contains: One of Meana's most intimate and compelling Mother/Son clips yet. Lose yourself in your mothers hot, naked, bare sensuality as she sucks and fucks your brains out. She wants her son's bare cock inside her just once, just once to make that nagging curiosity go away. She rides your cock and moans ,"Am I a bad mom for wanting my son's cock?" She asks as she slowly bounces her wet cunt up and down on your dick. She wants to feel your cum inside her. She wants you to fill her up just one time...it's not cheating...your her son. **This is Meana's first ever Fully Nude performance. Thank you for supporting me and my clips. xoxo**


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