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Ugh...I don't like group projects...Don't you? I mean, what is the point? Don't get me wrong...You're super smart and everything...it's just...well...I'd just rather be hanging out with my girlfriends right now. Let's just try to get this over with as quickly as possible huh? Ugh...I can't even think straight! My feet are so tired from walking around that stupid museum all day. I swear it feels like they're going to fall off! ugh They are so sore!...You know...you could rub them for me. That would really help me concentrate and work harder hehe. Go on...rub them through my socks...mmm that feels so good. It feels so good...don't stop...I like it when you rub my feet just like that...oooh hehe yeah right there is so sore...You know...you're like the smartest guy in the class. It must be so annoying to have to work on a project with a girl like me. I'm sure you'd really rather be in control of everything. Don't you think? Don't you think we would be much better off if you just took on the project on your own? You know...instead of having to explain everything to me? Besides...if you did do everything...I'd let you keep touch my feet...with your dick...
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Meana slowly manipulates you into fucking her perfect feet so that she can get out of working on this project, and the rest of her homework for the year for that matter. She starts by seducing you with her socks. She gets your bare cock out and gives you a slow sexy socks job. She can see how easy it is to manipulate you...so she decides to have some fun and take off her cute little ankle socks. Her naked feet slide up and down your cock. You can't help but succumb to her toes as they stroke and palpate your throbbing hard dick. Precum oozes out of your cock as she teases you. Her panties flash beneath her skirt as she lifts her sexy toned legs up and down...stroking your cock to orgasm. Fair trade? Fuck yeah.


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