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Cum On My Mask

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It was time to stop her. She’d been committing burglary against the wealthy citizens of Gotham for far too long. Though you were hell bent on putting her away, you had a soft spot for her that challenged your strength… In all of your exchanges with her she’d managed to escape. Perhaps your weakness for her was keeping you from giving her the rough treatment she deserved. Nevertheless, once you found her hiding spot you went to her in the middle of the night to take her down to the station and end her cat burglarizing for good. But once you entered her bedroom you felt your resolve weaken. Your heart started pounding…unusual for the disciplined hero of Gotham. Staring down at her body you felt your cock aching for her. 
Once she awoke she made quick work of you. It was beyond easy for her to seduce you and lull you into a Clumsy and Horny state. She stole your taser with ease as she pressed her lips against yours… you felt the surge of electricity shoot through your body and then everything went black. When you awoke you were naked in her bed with a syringe in your arm. “Oh this? It’s just a little cocktail of Adrenaline…Viagra…and Poison. Time for you to decide Batman. I’ll give you the antidote Batman… only once you’ve given me what I want. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I want you. So fuck me…Or Perish”. You felt your cock betray you as it hardened in her mouth. She was so irresistible. Her wet little pussy swallowed your cock as she moaned “Give it to me Bat Daddy”.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Time is of the essence as you pound Catwoman’s tight little pussy. She’s injected you with a deadly toxin and will only give you the antidote once you’ve given her your cock. You fuck her brains out as she taunts you… but she won’t give you the cure… not until you cum on her mask. **Cosplay, Superheroes, Super-villains, Catwoman, Batman, Mask fetish, Latex Sleeves, Boot Fetish, Cum on Face**


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