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You’d really fucked up this time. There you were, handcuffed to the bed. Your wife stormed out and left you there. She’d tried so many times to “spice things up” for you, but it just wasn’t working. So she left you there. Naked. You weren’t the least bit relieved when your step daughter Meana walked in. You’d so badly been avoiding her… and being this vulnerable in front of her was not how you wanted to present yourself. You’d tried so hard to forget what you did to her… the shame of it. She was your stepdaughter and you took advantage… you knew it was wrong… but you did it anyway. And nothing could ever be the same. You tried to avoid her because you knew she wanted it to continue… after that day she tried over and over again to get you to break down and fuck her, but you just couldn’t. You didn’t want to be that man. But now here you were… cuffed to the bed. And she’s not letting you out until she gets what she wants.
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your stepdaughter has wanted this for a long time. Now you’re cuffed to the bed and you can’t say no. She knows what her stepdaddy needs, even if he doesn’t want to admit it to himself. She’ll take the blame. Just let it happen **Family Fantasy. Taboo. Older Man, Younger Woman. Stepdad and stepdaughter fantasy. Facial**

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