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Couples Massage

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I'm so excited about this vacation baby! I booked us a couples massage because I know how much we both need to relax. I think our masseuse is a guy though...you don't mind right? You know I need a set of strong hands to really work these kinks out of my body. Oh here he comes...wow he's kinda cute...wow he has really strong hands. heheh Dont be jealous babe, I'm just really enjoying my massage...mmm...wow...okay well don't be mad at me babe...but this isn't just a regular couples massage. We're gonna get a happy ending...for both of us hehe. Come on baby...I know how much you like watching me enjoy myself. hehe Share his cock with me. Suck it...take it all the way in. Look at that gorgeous thick and juicy cock. Pres it up against your lips. That's right can you taste his precum baby? Can you taste is fucking cock...suck that dick. It makes me so horny watching you suck cock for me. We're gonna get a happy ending...all three of us.
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: An extremely intimate and sensual bisexual threeway. Your girlfriend Meana books a hot couples massage. It doesn't take much coaxing from her to get you to start sucking his gorgeous thick cock. She moans and purs with pleasure at the sight of you licking cock for her. Everyone's going to get a happy ending, especially you when you lick his hot sticky cum off of your girlfriend's face.


4 months ago, justsomerandom said:

I'd love to see more content exploring these themes. This is probably the most affirming male bisexual porn I've ever come across. It's usually explored through a lense of shame, but it could be a really affirming/sexy shared experience with a partner.

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